Penny's renowned legacy as an accomplished Pilates instructor reaches far beyond her roots in Sydney, with her groundbreaking work in adapting and refining Joseph Pilates' original Method for broader accessibility. At the forefront of this progressive movement is the esteemed Modern Pilates Studio, which Penny heads as Director and Senior Practitioner. Located in the prestigious North Shore region of Sydney, Penny's vast contributions to the Pilates community have firmly established her as a distinguished figure in the industry. - Dr Penny Latey
I started attending Penny’s mat classes first in 1990. After I retired from my business in 2013 I decided to take up Penny’s suggestion and train to be a Pilates Instructor. It was a challenge ‘going back to school’ so to speak but I managed to gain my diploma and have been working in the studio ever since. I really enjoy teaching both the Mat Classes and the Studio. The variety suits me and I do enjoy meeting new people
- Faye O'Conner
I started Pilates in Seoul 2009, and in 2011 trained as an instructor at Modern Pilates International Korea. My genuine passion for a healthier lifestyle lead myself to Pilates. I was amazed when my body started to acknowledge each of the functional components and excited how this also enlightened the spiritual side. I also found fulfilling to be able to share these experiences with others, to help each of us be refreshed and sound.
- Sophia, Yeowool Kim

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