Dr. Fereshteh Pourkazemi

In a momentous development, the esteemed Modern Pilates team has welcomed a highly experienced and accomplished Physiotherapist to its ranks!

Dr. Fereshteh Pourkazemi, a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist and a distinguished senior lecturer at The University of Sydney, brings over 15 years of invaluable experience in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain management to the team. However, what sets Fereshteh apart is her unique approach that combines the visual arts and education to help patients understand their pain and empower them to return to their desired physical activities.

Her expertise in pain management is evident in the array of evidence-based techniques she employs, including Cognitive Functional Therapy, Graded Motor Imagery, the concept of DIMs and SIMs, and gradual exposure to exercise using individualized Pilates programs. Her recent research on the impacts of visual arts on pain has led her to develop the "Paint the Pain" approach, which has been found to be a highly beneficial addition to common treatments.

During the first session with her patients, Fereshteh performs a comprehensive assessment to determine the best approach for their individual needs and goals. She consults face to face, 1-2 days a week at Modern Pilates, where she reviews complex musculoskeletal pain disorders and works closely with all staff to ensure the highest level of clinical care is provided within the practice. Fereshteh's passion for bringing the Arts, Health, and Education together to address different aspects of human pain with a holistic view of its complexities makes her a valuable addition to the Modern Pilates team.