What is Modern Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a form of exercise based around a series of physical movements designed to improve both health and fitness. Originally used by dancers for fitness and rehabilitation, it is now also a popular form of exercise in the wider community.


Benifits of pilates

Pilates is a system of mental and physical conditioning that connects and uses the whole body with the aim of improving fitness and sustaining well being. Modern Pilates is based on a thorough understanding of present-day exercise science and current research into movement ability and injury, our approach means that anyone; from post-acute rehabilitation to the elite athlete in need of retraining; can benefit.

The key benefits of Pilates are ongoing wellbeing, reduced pain, the ability to move comfortably and, of course, fitness. In particular, Modern Pilates teaches you how to manage your injuries as you improve in strength

Penny Latey’s Pilates Method

Penny Latey developed her own version of the Pilates method after the birth of her first child, when she realised that traditional Pilates, while very helpful for the ultra-fit dancer, seemed out of tune with the good function of the normal healthy body.

Following extensive studies in anatomy, physiology and massage, as will as a course in post and ante natal counselling, Penny has developed new exercises, adjusted the traditional ideal postural alignment, and broadened the definition of the Centre to include the lower abdomen and pelvic floor. Her substantial adaptations and modifications to traditional Pilates make the method accessible to the general population and to pre and post natal clients.